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Recommended People & Resources

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Andy McDonnell - Studio III

Webinars and training about the Low Arousal approach - an essential alternative to punitive and restrictive practices.

Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families

Resources for schools and parents on supporting mental health.

Beacon House Therapeutic  Services & Trauma Team

Free resources on developmental trauma, attachment and mental health.

Bruce Perry - Child Trauma Academy

Articles, resources and a YouTube playlist on trauma-informed perspectives and practice.


Bryony Shannon - Rewriting Social Care

A blog which reflects on and reframes the language found in the social care system.

Dan Hughes

A video explaining blocked care, blocked trust and the attitude of PACE within the DDP approach.

Ed Psy UK

A community for Educational Psychologists to write blogs, attend events, join interest groups, and advertise jobs. 


Educational Psychology Reach Out

A shared space for Educational Psychologists to learn about and discuss a range of topics. 

Elly Chapple - Can Do Ella

An inspirational blog and YouTube video about flipping the narrative. 

Elaine McGreevy and Emily Price - Divergent Perspectives

Learn about and access training on the Neurodiversity Paradigm. 

Eliza Fricker - Missing the Mark

Brilliant illustrations by Eliza Fricker which reflect the lived experiences of families who struggle at school.


Emily Price - Autistic SLT

Learn about flawed theories, ableist myths and neurodivergent-affirming practice with autistic young people.

Gareth D Morewood - Research, Training & Consultancy

Articles, videos and free resources on special educational needs and inclusion.

Karen Treisman - Safe Hands Thinking Minds

Creative resources, books, toys and podcasts on trauma-informed care.

Lisa Cherry - Trauma, Resonance and Resilience.

A leading trainer and consultant on trauma. 

Lynn McCann – ReachOutASC

A wide range of resources and insightful blog posts on issues related to Autism.

Naomi Fisher

Insightful webinars and blogs about alternative perspectives on education. 

Not Fine In School

Raising awareness of school attendance barriers.


Pooky Knightsmith

Practical training, presentations and videos about mental health, wellbeing, autism, and many other topics. 

Spectrum Gaming

An online community for autistic gamers and a padlet filled with neurodivergent-affirming resources.

Suzanne Zeedyk

Videos about the biology of connection and the impact of adverse childhood experiences.

Team Square Peg

Understanding the challenges faced by families subjected to a one-size-fits-all education system.

Tina Rae

An Educational Psychologist offering many videos about supporting SEND, wellbeing, and mental health. 

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